For many years, Columbia Industries has engineered and manufactured a variety of custom equipment projects for several different industry fields.

By collaborating with our customers, we see their requirements and work to create a solution that exceeds expectations. One such area we have recently created a solution for is the Aerospace Industry. Our Mobile Mast was designed and manufactured to dock and transport an Airship. In many cases, once landed, Airships require a means of transporting while grounded. We’ve also designed and manufactured transportation systems for NASA and look forward to many more Aerospace opportunities in the future.

Airships are effective for many endeavors

Airships are effective for many endeavors including humanitarian efforts as they can carry large cargo loads over long distances all while emitting low carbon emissions. The airships also require little to no infrastructure so can land in virtually any location. Once landed, however, the question of how to dock the airship arose. Columbia asked, what if we bring the airport to you? And the Mobile Mast was born. Our innovative design transforms from a road legal vehicle to a massive Mobile Mast that can catch an airship once landed and dock the vessel. Our Mobile Mast also acts as a taxi, moving the airship while grounded safely and efficiently. This ingenious design by our team was the answer to our customer’s stumbling block.

Other Solutions

We’ve manufactured solutions for other aerospace companies including NASA. NASA had large rocket equipment that needed to be transported. We designed and manufactured the Rocket Transport which was just the solution they needed. Whatever your case may be, Columbia Industries is here to deliver an incredible solution that will transform your industry!


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