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The Biomass Expo is where future and existing producers of biobased power, fuels and thermal energy products go to network with waste generators and other industry suppliers and technology providers.


The Kodiak KX9600

The Kodiak KX9600 is made in the USA and engineered from the ground up with input from owners and operators of metal scrap yards to give you the following benefits:

  • Meets ASIC Structural and ISO Quality Standards
  • Optional Left or Right Side Loading Version
  • Independent Loader and Bailing Pumps
  • 360 Degree Crane Rotation Proportional Loader and Door Controls Simple Cylinder Replacement
  • Protected Piping/Hoses with Easy Access Hydraulic Outriggers with 6 Inch Leveling Adjustment
  • Range Engineered to Avoid Single Points of Failure
  • Cycle Tested at Full Rated Load for Over 250K Cycles

Columbia Industries specializes in the design and fabrication of heavy equipment

Columbia Industries specializes in the design and fabrication of heavy equipment, including oil rig walking systems, wheeled moving systems, pipe handlers, high capacity axels as well as custom work. Our team remains committed to finding innovative solutions to meet our customers' specific demands. Through hard work, creative thinking, and cutting edge design, Columbia Industries offers dependable equipment engineered to meet the needs of the oil and gas industries.


Rig Walking Systems

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Wheeled Moving Systems

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Design & Fabrication

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