For over 50 years, Hillsboro Oregon has served as the headquarters for Columbia Industries. Out of our approx. 100,000 sq ft facility, we have successfully remained an industry leader in tippers and rig walking systems. Among the many products we engineer and manufacture for turnkey use, we continue to provide our customers with Portable and Stationery Tippers, Wheeled Moving Systems, Rig Walking Systems, and custom steel fabrication. We also recently launched our newest KODIAK line of mobile balers, making a concerted effort to work directly with our customers to provide a baler unit that fits the unique needs of their market.

Over the years, our vision and our mission has evolved to include the question, ‘What if…’. For example, before we engineered and manufactured Tippers, trucks of solid waste had to be emptied manually. We asked the question: ‘What if… we can pick up and dump the entire trailer?’ and the Tipper was born. Since then, our Tippers have saved our customers millions of dollars in time and efficiency.  Our ‘what if…’ mentality sets no limits and has expanded our work to include ANY custom project that may come our way. This allows us to create incredible solutions for old customers and new. While custom steel fabrication is not a new concept for Columbia, our focus on solutions rather than products has broadened our horizon. It has made Columbia a unique company that can deliver solutions and truly address any industry’s needs. We like to think of our customers as our partners as we work hand in hand with them to answer their ‘What if…’ questions.

With our renewed mission, we wanted to locate a new facility to expand production and allow us to be more centralized to our main customer base. With excitement, we located our new Starkville, Mississippi location. This new facility holds over an impressive 200,000 square feet of shop space, allowing us the (much) needed space to increase production. Along with our 200,000 sq. ft manufacturing space, we also have some of the largest paint and sandblasting ability in the region which allows us to be the “turn key” solution for our customers.

May 24, 2023 marked the grand opening of our new facility as we held an official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Many members from the community were in attendance, including the Mayor of Starkville, the President of the Oktibbeha County Board of Supervisors, as well as many senators and others from the surrounding cities of Starkville, Columbus and West Point. To mark this momentous occasion, words of inspiration were spoken from Columbia’s President Tom Moss, Columbia’s VP of Engineering Tim Clements, and Columbia’s CEO Nathan Georges. Other speakers included Mayor Spruill, President Trainer of the Oktibbeha County Board of Supervisors and Joe Max Higgins the CEO of GTR Link. All spoke with conviction and enthusiasm about Columbia’s presence in the city of Starkville and about the better things ahead as Columbia continues to make an impact on the community by providing jobs, and the growth of Columbia on a global scale.

Launching our new facility is just one more step towards global growth. With much to look forward to, Columbia Industries eagerly looks ahead to the many future opportunities we will have to prove ourselves and our ability to provide solutions to our customers and transform their industries.