Equipment Designed for the Demands of the Recycling Industry.

Balers are by no means a new product to the industry. They have been utilized by many yards for many years all over the world. Any scrap yard owner can attest to the wear and tear their machines endure. We wanted to provide a new baler to the industry that could not only withstand the elements of the scrap yard, but become a baler with the qualities and functions that scrap yard owners and operators look for. We asked the question: What if we could engineer and manufacture a baler from the ground up based entirely on customer input? Closely working with scrap yard owners, we thoughtfully engineered our KODIAK baler. Our baler is the first built FOR the customer BY the customer.


KODIAK Balers for Metal Scrap

The KODIAK baler is the first customer-inspired baler. Columbia worked closely with Scrap yard owners and operators to thoroughly engineer and design a baler from the ground up. Designed with the latest software engineering programs based on real-world Scrap Yard experiences, Columbia has amassed thousands of testing hours on the KODIAK Baler; which equates to years of use and wear. KODIAK balers are sure to make a great addition to your yard.

Bulk Products Tipping

To meet the needs of our recycling customers, Columbia Industries offers a range of Bulk Products Tippers designed to easily dump biomass and agricultural products like wood chips and vegetables. Our line of bulk products Tippers offers an ideal solution for businesses looking for a fixed recycling Tipper solution.


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