Atlas and Hercules Rig Walking System

High Capacity Pin-On Walking System

The Columbia Atlas and Hercules Oil Rig Walking System is an oil rig substructure moving system comprised of the Drill and Mud modules.

This custom rig walking system uses 300- and 400-metric-ton-capacity Hilman rollers. The system utilizes lift cylinders to raise the entire rig substructure and travel cylinders to push the rig in the desired direction.

This high capacity pin-on walking system offers our customers a modified attachment option that will fit any substructure. This intelligent design accommodates the ability to fix a specific attachment type, while still offering the flexibility and precision of all steering modes.

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Oil Rig Walking System by Columbia Industries

Safety Was Our Primary Focus

When designing the Atlas and Hercules Walking System, safety was the primary concern when developing our custom rig walking system. The Atlas and Hercules system comes equipped with an emergency stop circuit that will enable the operator to shut down all motors and valves when activated.

We’ve also equipped the main lift cylinder hydraulic circuit with counterbalance valves. In the event of a hose rupture or breakage, the system will continue to hold these cylinders in position, preventing the uncontrolled lowering of the substructure.

Each lift cylinder on the Atlas and Hercules Walking System comes equipped with a relief valve that protects the lift cylinders from failure as a result of intensification. An electrical lockout switch enables maintenance crews to shut down power to the unit so they can lock and tag out the machine with personal safety locks when both setting up the system and when performing routine maintenance.

Easy to Transport & Assemble On-Site

To make the transport of our custom oil rig walking systems convenient, we’ve designed the Atlas and Hercules Walking System so that you can disassemble the entire system into loads transportable by truck. Each of the systems beams features an integrated tail rolling hitch to make them easier to move using most standard oilfield trucks.

When arriving on-site, the system can be easily assembled by even a small crew using a crane and other basic equipment. Columbia Industries will provide a detailed and easy to follow set of instructions on how to assemble the system when out in the field. We also provide setup assistance to our customers to ensure a fast, efficient, and safe assembly.

Atlas Oil Rig Walking System by Columbia Industries
Atlas and Hercules Oil Rig Walking System by Columbia Industries

Versatile Steering Offers Precise Positioning

In the field, versatile steering provides operators the ability to precisely position the rig quickly and efficiently. With the Atlas and Hercules Oil Rig Walking System, we’ve designed the rig moving system to steer in modes that include:

  • Straight Steering
  • Simple Steering
  • Complementary Steering
  • Crab Steering
  • Transverse Steering
  • Spin Steering

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