Littlefoot Rig Walking System

Scalable-Capacity Drilling Substructure and Backyard Moving System

The Littlefoot Rig Custom Walking System is a scalable-capacity drilling substructure and backyard moving system. The Littlefoot’s innovative design incorporates the use of Hilman rollers coupled with lift cylinders to create a safe, low-pressure hydraulic lift system. These components work together to raise the main walking beams that support the weight of the rig.

We’ve equipped this custom rig walking system with Columbia’s signature jack assemblies to enable steering on tight pads, including transverse, crab, and spin modes. The Littlefoot’s horizontal movement occurs as a result of travel cylinders placed on jack assemblies. The lift and travel cylinders then actuate in sequence to transport the rig at a safely controlled pace.

  • The Littlefoot system can be disassembled into truckable loads with each of the beams feature an integrated tail roll hitch for easy movement by standard oilfield trucks.
  • Wireless controls provide the operator with free movement and improved visibility during rig moves.
  • Columbia’s specialized jack assemblies enable full utilization of the 270 degrees of steering, including circular and lateral modes.
  • Scalable capacity and custom design mean our systems can meet the needs of any job.

CAPACITY: Standard beam lengths from 20' to 70'. Beams can be pinned together for increased lengths and capacities. Scalable capacity to 12,000,000 lbs. or more.

WALKING SPEED: The standard configuration will move 50 feet per hour (15 meters per hour).

SAFETY FEATURES: The Littlefoot Walker uses a safe, low-pressure hydraulic system. The main lift cylinder hydraulic circuit is equipped with counterbalance valves. E-stops are mounted on the power unit, as well as the hand held controls. The E-stops shut down the HPU motors in the event of an emergency.

WALKING CYCLE: The lift cylinders raise the rig and the travel cylinders push the module. The lift cylinders then lower the load and the travel cylinders retract, resetting the system for another cycle.

HYDRAULIC POWER UNIT: The system can be powered by a Columbia hydraulic power unit, requiring only a 3-phase power connection for operation. Or, your system can be configured to utilize existing rig hydraulics. The power unit can be located on top of the unit itself, near the rig modules, or within the rig structure. Optional diesel-powered units are available.

PAINT: We prepare surfaces for the paint process with a thorough blast cleaning and apply a three-part epoxy paint system in the customer’s choice of color.

Easy to Transport & Assemble On-Site

Easy on-site delivery and assembly make the Littlefoot Custom Rig Walking System an ideal fit for multisite operations. We’ve designed the Littlefoot to easily dissemble into small, truckable loads. Each of the Littlefoot’s beams features an integrated tail rolling hitch designed to fit most standard oilfield trucks. When required for leveling purposes, the Littlefoot has the capability to lift the entire rig. With the flexibility provided by the Littlefoot custom rig walking system, you can even operate the system in poorly prepared locations.

On-site assembly of the Littlefoot requires only a small crew using a crane and other basic field equipment. To minimize any confusion and to better facilitate the assembly process, Columbia Industries will provide a detailed set of easy to understand instructions for your crew to use in the field. We also provide setup assistance to answer any questions you may have about the assembly process.

Diverse Steering & Custom Control Options

In the field, expanded mobility improves functionality and productivity. With the Littlefoot, we’ve mounted specialized jack assemblies directly into the walking beams. This enables the Littlefoot to achieve the full utilization of 270 degrees of steering, including both circular and lateral modes.

The Littlefoot Custom Rig Walking System also comes with our securely encoded wireless pendant. Using the pendant provides the rig operator with unparalleled freedom of movement and visibility when moving the rig. For added safety, the pendant also includes an emergency stop mechanism the operator can easily trigger. The E-Stop automatically shuts down both the HPU motors and the valves when activated.

Custom Rig Walking System
Columbia's Custom Rig Walking System

Built to Thrive in Any Environment

From the sub-zero temperatures of Northern Canada to the scorching heat of the Arabian Desert, Columbia Industries’ custom rig walking systems are designed to operate in the world’s harshest environments. We’ve field tested our drilling rig moving system under the most extreme circumstances imaginable to ensure it maintains the durability and functionality needed to meet the requirements of any drilling site.

The design concepts used by Columbia Industries are both customizable and scalable. Contact our team of experts to learn more about how our walking drill rig systems can fit your custom application.

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