NEW for 2018 -Tippers, Service Programs and Trade Shows…Check it out!

Groundbreaking advancements are being made in recycling technology, as Columbia Industries is the front runner in this race of competition. Just when you didn’t think Columbia’s Tipper machines could get any better, hold on to your hard hats. What’s in store for Columbia Industries in 2018 you ask? Coming soon in 2018 is the Columbia Industries Horizon 50/65T Landfill Tipper, rockin’ a brand new control system, advanced safety features and giving our customers even better productivity, at a lower cost. The Horizon 50/65T Tipper is easy to operate and it works with many different styles of trailers.

Get Even More life From Your Tipper investment!

So what could be better than an even more amazing version of Columbia’s already amazing machines, and adding more cost effectiveness? The answer is nothing, except for maybe our new Tipper  Global Reliability Program, which adds more options to help you get even more life from your Tipper investment by making it possible for you to have us come out in person to maintain and repair your machines. Columbia’s Field Service Rep’s will help you evaluate any needs you might have and recommend repairs for any equipment that may be damaged, or offline. We also have Factory Authorized Facilities to perform the work in as well, just in case you a need a little more space for maintenance or repairs on your Tipper machines.

Trade Shows- Come Find Us Here

Check out our Trade Show dates below to come out and see us, and put us through the ringer by asking questions and wanting more info, and see exactly what it is we do.

SWANAmerica – SWANApalooza:  March 5-7 Denver, CO  

SWANA NW Regional Symposium: April 18-20, Troutdale OR 

Waste Expo:  April 24-26 Las Vegas, NV  

OTC – Offshore Tradeshow (W):  April 31-May 3, Houston TX  

NAWTEC – NA Waste To Energy Show (W) :  May 14-May 16, Lancaster PA

IADC Land Rig Day:  May 17 Houston, TX  

Global Petroleum Show:  June 12-14 Calgary, CAN  

WasteCon: Aug 22–25 Nashville TN  

ADIPEC:  Abu Dhabi Petroleum Conference: Nov 13-16 Abu Dhabi UAE