Oilfield & Gas Industry Solutions

Before our Rig Walking Systems were engineered, entire oil rig platforms had to be completely dismantled in order to move it. Sometimes the rig needs to move mere feet. We asked the question: What if we could pick up the entire rig and just walk it to its next well? Once the Rig Walking System was engineered, or customers were able to pick up their entire rig and move it to each well site without dismantling. This solution resulted in increased efficiencies in process and production, major cost savings and increased safety, as well as increased revenue for the customer.


Rig Walking Systems

With a capacity of moving loads of up to 12 million pounds, our walking system solutions are custom designed and fabricated to meet our customers' individual design specifications. Our mobility systems allow operators to move a fully loaded rig, including fluids, full setback load, and all tools, from well to well. This eliminates the need to rig down for each move and greatly increases safety and operating efficiency by enabling batch drilling.

Wheeled Moving Systems

Drawing from decades of experience designing heavy load-bearing systems, Columbia Industries offers our customers the ability to move nearly any size load package. We can custom design and manufacture a wheeled system individually tailored to meet any project's needs. Our customers have full control during an oil or gas transport thanks to options such as tow-along or hydrostatically driven, fixed or articulating axles, and the ability to lift and lower the load.


Pipe Handlers

Our pipe handling systems combine pipe elevators with a hydraulically-inclined ramp and a chain drive skate mechanism that allow the operator to easily raise or lower the pipe to the required height. Columbia Industries manufactures a variety of pipe handling equipment that provides a reliable and efficient method of moving drill pipe and other equipment on and off the rig or drilling floor.

High Capacity Axles

Columbia Industries has a long history of designing and building axles and suspensions for customers working in a number of industries. Our designs range from smaller, off-highway systems to complex, high-capacity systems designed to move very heavy loads with safety and precision. Every axle and suspension is custom designed and fabricated to the customer's exact specifications.


Custom Design & Fabrication

With over 50 years of experience, our team at Columbia Industries possesses the skill, knowledge, and innovative thinking required to meet the demands of our customers in a variety of industries. Our team of engineers have the expertise needed to design custom solutions and equipment capable of solving the most complex and unique worksite problems.

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Oilfield Equipment Brochure: A compilation of equipment types that Columbia has supplied to customers over the years. Oilfield equipment includes Rig Walking Systems, fast-moving and self-propelled wheeled systems, module and camp trailers, pipe handling equipment, and hydraulic power units.

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