Global Equipment Reliability Program

Extend the life-cycle of your Columbia equipment with full Inspections and repairs

Our Tipper Program Offers Custom Evaluation and Repair

Columbia recognizes the needs of our customers to ensure their equipment is being maintained in a manner which provides the safest, most efficient means of handling waste, recyclables and aggregate materials. We also understand the impacts of downtime on the customer and the need to limit capital investment through proper maintenance and repair practices.

Our equipment is built to last for an extended period of time when operated as designed and properly cared for. As such, Columbia is committed to a program that allows our customer to extend the life of Columbia Tippers and has developed a program where our Field Service Representatives (FSR) inspect, evaluate and recommend necessary repairs to operating and damaged/off-line Columbia equipment.

Columbia now also provides, where possible, a local Factory Authorized Facility where the work can be done.

Our 5 Step Equipment Reliability Process

Columbia pioneered the tipper market and has been offering various generations of this product for over 40 years. Columbia fully understands the items critical to the safe and efficient operation of its products. We take great pride in making sure the customer is kept apprised of the overall condition of their equipment throughout the life-cycle, and we look to assist providing solutions when short-comings are noted. Our FSRs are trained to inspect all areas for age related stresses, non-conforming maintenance practices, and conformity to product updates, as well as to recommend upgrades to achieve efficiency gains. We are the best partner to have when making recommendations for extending the life-cycle of your Columbia equipment, and we provide you with results that not only satisfy, but surpass your expectations.

These are the steps of the Tipper Inspection Process

  1. FSR reviews database and notifies facility contact of the need for an annual inspection.
  2. If requested, Sales provides quote to site. Current inspection is $1500.
  3. FSR receives PO authority to inspect the facility’s tipper(s).
  4. FSR documents all issues noted on tipper(s) via Inspection Report and through photo depiction.
  5. FSR provides inspection documentation to Columbia Engineering for review and approval.
  6. Sales/FSR delivers documentation to facilities personnel (and others if requested). This documentation will include any recommendations for repair of minor items as well as any “dead-lining” of the equipment for critical items. Columbia Engineering will issue an equipment rating and, when appropriate, “Do not operate” instructions for unsafe equipment that may cause serious bodily harm, death or result in significant property damage if operated in as-is condition.
  7. Sales group will follow-up to see what services or parts Columbia can offer to bring the equipment back to operational readiness.
  • Light repairs needed.
  • Columbia will provide wear parts needing replacement.
  • Expected life of Tipper 10+ years.
  • Typical Expense $10-$60k.
  • 12 Month Warranty (on all parts replaced).
  • Medium repairs needed.
  • All repairs from Level 1 Plus.
  • Expected life of Tipper 5-8 years.
  • Typical Expense $50-$120k.
  • 12 Month Warranty (on all parts replaced).
  • Critical Repairs needed.
  • Columbia will submit what is needed to keep tipper running safely but this unit should be on customer's/your asset list for replacement in near term.
  • Expected life of tipper 1-2 years.
  • Typical Expense $80-$220k.
  • 12 Month Warranty on all parts (and labor) replaced.

Columbia now offers our customers within the U.S. certified refurbishment services of Columbia equipment. We are also partnering with multiple Factory Certified Centers throughout North America for manufacturing and refurbishing Columbia equipment. Our intent is to provide our customers with repair services, parts availability and manufacturing resources closer to where their equipment is, thereby reducing the expense of transport over great distances. All refurbishment activities will be managed and coordinated by Columbia personnel.

This certification will:

  1. Use Columbia Engineering resources to approve repairs and modifications to your Columbia equipment
  2. Ensure repairs meet exacting standards as required by Columbia engineered drawings.
  3. Use only Columbia approved and warranted components.
  4. Provide a one-year warranty period for all replaced components and work associated with refurbishment.
  5. Offer the customer the opportunity for “core” credits of some critical components like cylinders.
  6. Offer rental equipment to put into your work-site while you tipper is being refurbished (Columbia plans to introduce this offering in 2018.)
  7. Provide localized storage of critical component stock for better response time when equipment is down.

NOTE: All refurbishment and repairs need to be contracted with Columbia. Direct bookings through third parties will ensure that your repairs are not factory-certified and many such service providers do not use OEM-specified parts nor our proprietary repair methods. If your Columbia equipment is serviced, outside of regularly scheduled and preventative maintenance, by a third party then the equipment warranty is immediately nullified and void. Columbia makes no certifications nor guarantees regarding the quality, specification or origin of any parts or components sold by non-Columbia certified refurbishment or repair partners.



Southern Texas
(Coming in 2018)




Columbia Industries is proud to offer three levels of tipper refurbishment:

  1. Factory Certified
  2. Columbia Level 1
  3. Columbia Level 2

Factory Certified Used Tipper: For a tipper to be considered a “Factory Certified Used Columbia Tipper” all of the components need to be inspected and either verified in good working order or replaced with Columbia Certified Components by a Columbia Certified Facility. These are the main components for overall safety and function of our tippers while working in the landfills.

These components include the following:

  • Deck Cylinders
  • Outrigger Cylinders
  • Lights
  • Tire Guides
  • All Bearings (universals, trunnions, rear pivot)
  • Handrail
  • Chutes
  • Rotating Backstop
  • Rotating Handrail (if applicable)
  • Restrainers
  • Hydraulic Lines (Hard and Soft)
  • Paint

From the information below, a customer can determine what Level ( Factory Certified, Level 1, and Level 2), they may wish to refurbish their Tipper.

  • Customers may choose to add, service or replace components on an ala carte basis, provided that all service occurs at the same time.
  • Pricing below does not include labor hours.
  • Columbia is voluntarily providing estimated labor hours based on our history of service of this equipment. These are good faith estimates that are subject to variability depending on service location and condition of equipment.

View A Sample Customization Sheet

All Tipper Inspection & Refurbishments Include:

True OEM parts used

Quality - Factory Certified Location

Experienced, trustworthy CSRs

Thorough report out on status of Tipper

Comprehensive Evaluation & Rating Provided


Analytics Available on status of your tippers

Extended Factory Warranty on parts replaced/work done.

One Call - Provides complete Project Management assistance for status of your tipper.

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