Custom Solutions



With a capacity of moving loads of up to 12 million pounds, our walking system solutions are custom designed and fabricated to meet our customers' individual design specifications. Our mobility systems allow operators to move a fully loaded rig, including fluids, full setback load, and all tools, from well to well. This eliminates the need to rig down for each move and greatly increases safety and operating efficiency by enabling batch drilling.

Structural Steel

Columbia Industries is a certified AISC member specializing in the production of heavy and complex steel structures, bridges, fabricated parts and a broad range of other industrial equipment based on customer plans and specifications.


Axels and Wheels

With a reputation for creating powerful, innovative, and reliable equipment for the oil and gas, solid waste, and recycling industries, Columbia has the tools to help any business thrive. Columbia Industries offers a wide range of parts and services designed to meet the individual needs of our customers.

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Oilfield Equipment Brochure: A compilation of equipment types that Columbia has supplied to customers over the years. Oilfield equipment includes Rig Walking Systems, fast-moving and self-propelled wheeled systems, module and camp trailers, pipe handling equipment, and hydraulic power units.

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